Sunday, October 19, 2014

Delicatessen Monthly Update

Okay let's get right to the numbers.

in Delinquency, Discipline, and Disorder is 18 percent done.  That's not even accounting for music/sound direction. 18% in 3 semesters?  Wow that's so slow. Yes, if I continue with this pace, development is going to run for another 13 semesters.

BUT NO. I'M GOING TO UP THE ANTE. I WILL MAKE SURE THE MASTER VERSION GETS DEFENDED BY MARCH, and finally release the full game by April 22, 2015.

As usual I'm always wrestling with the damn UI design. I feel so insecure about it, might as well ask somebody to do it instead.

Another thing is... I'm going away for a while... like one whole week. Wow that's seems to be forever. Yes, a week is forever when you spend it in a city you'd hate watching everyday for being such a whiny bastard.

Rants aside, I'll take this hopefully quiet time to review if I did meet the objectives, and did not stray away from the scopes and limitations of the project.

Last thing... I've added a paypal donation button at the right-hand side. I'll try to lobby more funding from my sponsors relatives. Hey, it's almost Christmas season, the wonderful time of the year where you can ask cash from your relatives, and even your godparents.

 One really last thing.... Can I have someone who could review my project with me? Hahahaha

Happy Birthday to Elly.

Monday, September 29, 2014

of Stat Woes, Flawed Formulas, and Redesigns (An Update)

I wasn't confident with the formulas shipped with the pre-alpha demo. It wasn't balanced. Currently, I'm working with a formula designated 9A.Edit 2 10C Edit 1. Well it looks like it's just going to be a diluted version of all it's predecessors. By the powers vested in linear functions, I dub thy values predictable.

In previous versions, stats can go more than 400 points by the 5th day. Which is rather woah. It is worth mentioning that this game spans at least 60 days so if you're gaining an average oh wait the formulas weren't linear.

right now, 9.29.2014:
>Code's pretty optimized at this point. If there's any new addition, it would be catastrophic.
>Design and implementation of new profile, selection screens prototype
>A messaging system. Part of the individual character stories can be read in the letters they receive from their families.
>A ready to implement notification system in-case testers comment that accessing the profile screen to see how much stat they gained is a hassle.
>New design sketches for Cerise, and Fleur.

And these tasks/updates aren't even part of the SCRUM logs yet. If I had a software engineer, he'd probably kill me by now.


Gonna apply styling on this screen asap. Background art in the example portrait is from
Uncle Mugen (get well soon, dearest uncle). 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Unrelated to Current Project: My Periodic Students(?)


Tentative/Working Titles: My Periodic Kanojo (Such Yuri), My Periodic Lover, or whatever lol.

Premise: You are a chemist stuck in a school / world for chemical elements. (upotte?) Unable to date your students (aside from radiocarbon dating), you can actually make them "date" each other instead. Watch their reactions and learn from it. 

The characters in the sketch above is #11, Sodium from the Alkali Academy.  She's a Type B tsundere meaning she's normally soft and kawaii unless you get on her bad side, in which case she becomes highly reactive. She has a short figure, with matching short hair, and could wear a shorter skirt. 

The character to the right is #17, Chlorine, or Chloe for short.  She's outgoing and will react to her classmates. She's from the neighboring Hallogen Gakuen (Hallogakuen in the draft). She wears clothes that cover her body to prevent her from reacting too much.Strip her down though and she's gone.


Welp was trying to vent some stress out~ Hopefully this helped. Heck my friends continually bug me to do it but I think it's better off that someone else should, that if anyone is interested. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Delicatessen Monthly Update + Pre Alpha Demo

Hi guys, as scheduled (or maybe not), a short pre-alpha has been released for testing. As for the moment, it's only available for Win86 platforms.

This release features:
>Some 10,000 words.
>The first 5 days of Elisa's scenario.
>5 days of stat-raising.
>A special stat-raising testing tool.

The demo can be downloaded here.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

8000 Views Special Update

After four years / 66 posts later, this development blog has finally reached more than 8000 views. So to celebrate, I'm introducing a new character.

Carol Armfeldt, a Nonameridie Water-Sprite, joins the cast of Delinquency, Discipline, and Disorder. She is the First Year Representative and works with the 8th Academy Student Council.
I'm also in the process of updating the character pages, and the first page of the thread.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Delicatessen Monthly Update

All backgrounds have been fully lined.
Oh yes, finally after I don't know how many weeks. Well I gave her at least 2 months to do it but she said she did it in three days. Heck.
Also, a rather careless incident last week:
I was going ahead with my planned reformat of my laptop. I assumed that the build I backed-up was 0.03XXD. The build around this time was already 0.0423E...  (Which was supposedly 0.06XXG if I did back it-up)
So bam. 2 days of Elisa's script are gone. Half a day's worth of Stef and Francesca's scripts are gone too. Also affected are the new screens I coded.
In the aftermath of this, I have coded those screens back... now using simpler, and better algorithms. Elisa's scripts have also benefitted from this incident. It's structure isn't flawed with if-else's like it used to.
Other changes:
I have changed the way the player navigates in-game. Instead of using the old map navigation, the player will now use this to navigate. Heck I know it isn't as charming as a map but then this should work for now.
Was trying to change the layout a bit but then.. I think I'll stick with left-aligned one.
As for the color scheme, it's going to change depending on the most common colors present in the backgrounds. Alternatively, I might implement a system which allows the user to change the color scheme of the UI.
Edit: Here's the freshest version of the navigation/preferences screen. Hell I'm building whole screens based on one template. Praise me based god. :v
Edit 2:  Here's the save/load screen. Coughs will add more pages when assets become available.
Also, I'm planning to release a short pre-alpha by September. The reason behind this is because I'm not certain on whether or not the stat-raising part of the game is balanced.  This pre-alpha release  will contain the first week of  Elisa's scenario. Heck a lot of assets are going to be missing.
Thanks for reading.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Current State of Delicatessen


I haven't touched Ren'Py for almost a month. A month is already a long time so I kinda lost where exactly I was supposed to go next. As noted by my friends the GUI is kinda plain, and mediocre at best. This is an issue I've been wrestling with all my dev-life.

As for the recruitment efforts, I have found and have forged a deal with one artist. The rest of the art assets should be done by November. Though the pixel sprites could arrive a little longer.

As for the backgrounds, I received a number of offers from artists but I am unable to commission any one of them since budget issues... They're out of bounds even with a sponsor.

Good thing though, mom seems to know an Architecture student who can do it. I'll probably wait for the backgrounds lining to be completed so I can start designing a UI that can match the general look and feel of the world in-game.


>Carol's design is finished, but I think it's still under coloring.
>A significant number of backgrounds have been lineart-ed.
>Streamlining the branching/routing mechanism for code readability.

Anyway, the game's page has been updated with the characters now having separate character pages. I suggest you visit it (that if you're interested)