Thursday, February 27, 2014

is Green any better than Orange?

:v welp here I go again.. I don't know anymore... Orange is kinda neat and stuff but as I stare at it for long hours, it gets a little bit "too bright." I don't know if choosing orange as the main motif was correct.

Anyway, here's the recolored UI. It's now in green, though a lighter shade of green to be exact.
I think it'd be better to actually use the "blackboard" shade of green.

here's the previously unseen load/save screen in horrific green.

the information screen.

the skills and the notes screen. 

I'm still rather reluctant on using specialist/tailor-made UI designs, opting instead to use squares (or maybe circle) for now. Well I really need the opinion of others about this issue (about the UI being so plain).

>.< I hope I get feedback. Thanks for reading.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Post Defense Update.

Hi guys, I have successfully defended my thesis entitled: "Dating Simulation Game: in Disease, Delinquency, and Disorder.". It was the first ever, or should I say, unusual thesis ever since none dared to be different from the seniors before us. Anyway, I have completed the defense in record time, 30 minutes, 3 questions, 0 corrections, 1 comment. Shock and Awe. My thanks to thebackup for giving me that initial inspiration of pushing through this thesis-project.

As some of you may have read, I have commissioned one of my friends to create new art for the game. The decision was made to cater the two sprite-less characters to the style of the new artist. So for the sake of consistency, I have ordered all sprites to be redone by the new guy. 

Here's one of the scenes as rendered in the old sprites (using a 1920x1080 screen resolution) and the new one in 1280 x 720 screen resolution. 

I don't know if both pics have the same version of Uncle Mugen's generic_school_gate_bg

I think Mike had lost his rough looks in the new version. 

Okay, here are the two then sprite-less characters, as rendered by the new artist. Welp Angelica on the left was supposed to have black hair... but then I forgot to tell the artist about it. Heiko, the homeroom teacher was supposed to be blonde but then I guess I can pass it off to her being half-asian. :3 

yey, another young, and single teacher.

The UI design still looks awfully orange-gy and plain, but at least it's functioning now and compliant to the design as presented in the defense.:
The skills screen - your character's skills can be viewed here.

the information screen- stats and info about your character are viewed here.

Welp, the information screen's bars took at least two days to fix :v anyway, the original information screen code can be found by clicking here. I am in the process of programming the "notes_screen" were notes unlocked from attending classes (and not by cutting classes) can be viewed. Welp the player would need to study if he wants to pass the quizzes and the exams (which will affect routing or at least the affection points). Also in the works is adapting Jake's Battle engine, it has been a moderately rough ride since the coding was really different from what I usually encounter at school. 

One more thing: I still have no idea how to customize this devblog so contents might be a little bit old (save for the addendum).

Monday, December 30, 2013

Year Ender and Reflections ~

Hi guys, though this is may not be VN-related or stuff but it does flesh out some ideas found in some of my WiP VN.

The Addendum page is open. Found there are articles and ideas that could be my next WiP, and/or strengthen the world of my current WiPs

Well some tease on the articles available in the Addendum. Welp much of the articles are from the "Project Alpha," a.k.a From Antarctica with Love text stories by April (That if I do not have summer classes). That aside From Antarctica with Love's 5th Year Anniversary is coming. I should have made it the VN project instead of KigenMono... fact is the characters of both stories are just classmates. I don't quite remember why I focused of Kyo's circle of friends instead of Akiharu's. ... It seems the Kyo's harem was just appealing or maybe I just didn't want Akiharu's story changed to fit VN stereotypes. Well both stories do include military themes similar to Full Metal Panic!

Anyway, Happy Holidays to ya all.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Not an update, not wow, much text.

Welp, 2059's been on paper for way too long. T^T ... I have to explain things like game mechanics, rules, play to almost everyone. >.<
Anyway, the game itself will be released either October 2014 or March 2015 (my possible graduation dates). For the record the art and GUI will be made from scratch again since Otakumi couldn't deliver the last 2 characters' sprites. So I commissioned another artist to do the sprites.. The new character designs will be posted here as soon as classes resume by January.  

Aside from the art, the script will also be rewritten to design specifications. Hopefully I could bring some small demo by March. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


don't mind the dialogue 


well I'm still contemplating weather or not omit the "Artificial Lightning System" and go all out evening backgrounds to give that "Polar" Effect ~ A complete Polar Night. >.< Doing this will require an absurd amount of hours editing from hell and back a number of Uncle Mugen's BG-CG's.

Anyway I'm still screwing the GUI back and forth. I have a general idea of what it's going to be like ~ but I doubt it will be out of your taste. Heck a designer's personality also shows in his works. :v
>.< Heck I'm not even a designer. I'm just a lonely programmer and a scriptwriter, forever bound to the task of completing this game.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Well, uhhhh

I might cut down the plot in half. Anyway I was trying to map the plot elements by using this image but I think it's too "General" for it. 

I might also use "events" to determine which route the player might travel, instead of using "love" points which are obviously incremented when the player chooses to meet a girl of his choice everyday. Endings are determined by how "determined/consistent" the player is with his choices.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Project 2059 is once again a...

yes I'm using this game as my Capstone Project.  The timetables are to be reset >.< again.

Anyway there will 57 unique paths/ending, instead of the declared 18 paths. Anyway the GUI will be done in a while, plus the estimated release of this game is on March 2014.

My thanks to thebackup for information regarding a  visual novel being a capstone project.