Saturday, February 28, 2015

Suspending Operations

The final hell weeks on the road to unemployment have started. Work in all main projects and collaborations will be halted till April 20? Ayyy...

As previously announced; in Delinquency, Discipline, and Disorder's Itch.IO page has been set to private... a.k.a closed. If you have an account, feel free to follow Project Rothera. If you have any business with the project, please do use the contact form.

Finally, I wish good luck to the following groups of people:
>Graduating Students (who are soon to be officially unemployed).
>Undergraduates who will have their finals this month
>NaNoRenO 2015 Participants

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Strength Through Unity, Unity Through Fungus

Surprisingly enough, my laptop can run Unity... albeit with a few bumps. I'm rather impressed. 

As someone who has worked with Ren'Py for almost half a decade... getting used to the drag and drop system of unity is a rather daunting task. DAUNTING... DAUNTING I TELL YA! I swear I could... with the proper code, can emulate what I just did with Fungus in Ren'Py. 

I might as well stay with Ren'Py for personal projects involving a good amount of custom classes....

The whole reason with the Unity thing is related with the collaboration I announced earlier. Since it's a BxG game... we needed to incorporate innovative features to bait players to play our game. A vanilla BxG game with great art doesn't garner much interest from the audience like it did years ago. There are a lot of factors to account and I wish no further discussion on the matter.

We assumed that BxG is a dying genre*... well at least in the western demographics. So aside from developing, we might as well study market data on eastern markets... or to where weebs are.

*This is not a fact. This is a mere opinion we believe in after checking current trends irl.

So planning and design issues for that collaboration is done. All that's left is execution. ;_; I hope I can deliver what's in the design hahahaha. /wrist


Circle Name is "Cosine"

Monday, February 23, 2015

New Collaboration(s)

No, this is not for NaNoRenO.

The project is a mystery visual novel with 2D platform battles. From what I could understand from the dossier... the plot is pretty dank dark.

I'll be working with the same skeleton crew who did "Whom to Notice" almost a year ago. The author's official site is right here.

Ayyyyy we're going to have a discussion tomorrow afternoon about basic gameplay / management issues. Hopefully would fare better than Whom to Notice.

Funny thing is I got offered to do the storyboard for a manga series in the making. Honestly I don't think this collaboration would fare well considering how new the members of the circle were.... and how high the attrition(a.k.a people leaving) is.

Friday, February 20, 2015


Corrections in place. (Yeah, best thing to ever come out of a tester's sheet.)


Brochures printed.

System set. (Also playing CosmicBreak for ze lulz.)

So today I got to talked to a bunch of people about my project. The most common question was, surprisingly, "how long did it take to code this game?". As for the general opinion... I think people here don't consider dating-sims as games... but then this is a niche genre so... welp. 

Seven more days to go, and yes... we are operating.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Retreat, Reform and Reorganize: Delicatessen Update 15

First Off:

I'm putting Delicatessen in an indefinite Code Freeze. Meaning, there's no new code implementation going to happen in the coming months. Same goes to the writing / scripting... and organization. This effectively puts the development of Delicatessen in a break.

The beta test will run through until the 14th of February. When the date comes, I'll take down the DL links. The thread will remain open though for comments. A 3-in-1 build has been uploaded to the game's page. I suggest Linux and Mac users to check it out.

As part of the rewrite work, let me introduce the four new first years (alongside an old one).

I think I should change Natasya to Natasha... or Natacha... and
make an "official" Imperial Antarctica flag.

A preliminary character relationship chart. Welp this also shows
the names of the underclassmen who are referred to (in the current builds) 
with the generic "Underclassman" tag. The rebuild aims to correct that as well.

Reform in-terms of the UI. I have decided to use just one template for everything. The color scheme remains an issue.


I'm taking a personal break from this project till kingdom come. I'll probably write a few short stories as a transition/practice from the rushed work that was in Delinquency, Discipline, and Disorder...


Wow, I was getting ready to leave the project in it's current state but boom! College Software Exhibit. It's a long seven day event. I guess it's a good chance to pitch the game to local investors, and the local community itself.

I'll axe the recent build back to day 19 or day 07. Clean it up and polish it. 


I'm still looking for a collaborating sprite artist/character designer. Use the contact form beside this blog post or comment right here!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Head Office? Nope!

This is a walkthrough of Project Rothera's main office... a.k.a Curry's bedroom. This is a response to a friend's request. *winks. 

First off is my desk. On it is my 6 year old laptop with attached peripherals, an old scientific calculator, and ballpoint pens.

Beside the desk is a deskjet printer... 3 handy reference books, and sticknotes that won't stick because my room accumulates dust so quickly. 

Above it are two shelves. The lowermost shelf contains a dictionary, some Japanese winter fashion magazines, a "The Everything Guide" (yep you read that right), and a 20 year old desk reference. Present also are binders and metal wire in-case I need to strangle somebody or just tie things up.

The figma are not just for show! I've used them to make poses for sprites. Sooner or later I might even use them for CGs... though there's bound to be extensive prop-making involved.

Day to Day student stuff: Another laptop for school use... since it's more powerful and it got most of the IDEs I need for school projects. Beside it is my Asha's charger, school ID, purse and wallet. I usually carry an equivalent of 2 USD on normal school days.

Other fiction items my brother and I collected over the past five years. He recently got a job so he's been buying whatever he wants. Mostly Warhammer 40K stuff. The NGE volumes are mine though. 

Opposite to my primary desk is another desk. Most of the school-related stuff is dumped here. Seen here are research journals, important notes, and stationery.

Those sharpies were brought from the US. They waited for at least three years before being ripped open from their packaging and got their first taste of paper. The pencils are Staedtler's I've accumulated since high school. Yes, I actually use them. Hahahaha.

and an extra:

Within these two pouches are DVD's containing Project 2059's backups. The backups contain incremental builds and softcopies of every existing material made for the project.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Site / Project Updates

Redid the basic layout to include a "contact us" form. I already tested it and it actually works lol. Aside from the layout, I also updated the template's color and few other minor stuff like the project logo. 

Hmmm there's nothing going on for Delicatessen... at least on the coding side. ;_; I think I'm in limbo or something. Following the advice of a collaborator... I'm writing a few anecdotes about each character. People who already, or who are playing the beta will understand why. 

As for the beta: It is still up and running. I might take down the builds by the end of this week... pending the resolution of management issues correlating to oplan 2015. 

Anyway NaNoRenO's countdown timer appeared at LSF today. It got me right into drafting the core system for Delicatessen 2.0 but I quickly realized you can't have a student-council sim in 30 days. Like seriously... you can't with even if you already have most of the assets. 

Project Rothera probably won't join again this year. Speaking of which, Whom to Notice is going to be one year old by March 31st. I spoke with the main writer during one of Delicatessen's QA tests and said he plans to continue it after two years. The "senpai please notice" me trend is already dead so... I hope people will remember that if ever this game gets released. 

Coming April is Project Rothera's sixth year in the OELVN scene. If we were a character, we'd probably be portrayed as a background character of sorts.. for which we are for not releasing even a single game. inb4 making a game parodying OELVN circles would be top-tier but rather sensitive. 

Good luck with whomever's planning to join NaNoRenO.... and for those circles who haven't completed a single game yet.... let's keep trying. 

As of writing, Delicatessen 1028J has been downloaded 18 times on mediafire, and 5 times on (with 56 views). Welp these metrics though. There are currently two people working on it. In-contrast, the pre-alpha build was downloaded 56 times over its entire run.

and a special issue:

As part of saying thanks to the top 3 countries viewing this blog*: The United States(3320), Philippines(2100), and Russia(467) each get a character in the upcoming Delicatessen 2.0 conversion. Actually the Russian character is already in the beta build but I haven't introduced her yet here. Designs for the other two characters are pending. 

*Pageviews, not unique visitors.