Sunday, January 18, 2015

QA Run: Delicatessen Update #12

Okay first thing worth mentioning this week is: Demo is cancelled delayed once again. I decided to wait for the remaining sprites before shipping out an actual demo.

Third thing: *Swearing* I haven't started writing Mike's route yet. 

Yesterday evening was another Quality Assurance test. It was basically proofreading + critique. We were able to cover days 1 to 14 out of the total 63 days. We were also able to track scenes that still need bgm and sfx. 

Corrections / suggestions made yesterday will be implemented after the January 27 beta release. After that if QA can be completed by February 28 then boom: Delicatessen 1.0 release. 


Even though I resized all the bgs 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

About the Future: Rothera's OPLAN 15-16

This is probably not the most flexible plan I can think of... Well most of this materialized  during my rather useful off-time at the school canteen.

;_; 1200 USD cost assumes that there's not a cent going to music assets. 1200 USD is also the minimum amount needed to max out P2059.

The other projects are free collaborations, and work in those projects usually happens when everyone's free or in the right mood. Take P2046 who's production sched runs for just a single month each year.

Anyway, I'll make sure to stick to this plan. Plans should keep you away from most troubles.

And oh, here's Project 2059's non-compliant flyer/brochure.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Sprint to Beta: Delicatessen Update #11

To be honest, projected conditions predict that there's high chance of the beta release using photos instead of the commissioned backgrounds. Based artist delivered everything 8 days late.

I'm in scrum sprint #(I don't know) that was started November 16, 2014. A standard scrum sprint is 30 days long so wow I'm actually working with backlogs.... and is so delayed.  I think I've become so agile I practically stepped way too far back the line.

No, I have practically stopped following the SCRUM model of software development. As far as I can tell, it's total anarchy right now. Well I do have the checklists still but some parts of the code keeps crossing back and forth from previous sprints (backlogs?) AHHHHHHHHHH I should have stayed with the standard waterfall cycle. 

Wait, do yo use software development cycles on your game projects? Project management yo, project management. Coordinating the efforts of more than one person in your team to miraculously create results. On top of that, you got to have  a framework. To be honest, the framework "Worse is Better" helped me keep my goals together. 

The scrum sprint of Nov 16 is done. I don't know the exact date I completed everything in that sprint's tasks. Which means I'm ready to release the first alpha demo! It would have been considered the second pre-alpha demo if the game isn't system complete. 

Delicatessen is not yet suited for beta release for one reason: It's not feature complete. I did declare it feature complete in update #9 but I failed to account for the myriad of problems the battle system presents.

Well it's not like the panelists care about that. Funny thing is I've returned YET AGAIN with no comments marked on any of my journals. The questions were not really about the game but rather how it was produced. 

I don't want to be cocky but 10/10 that graduation stage looks so bright now. My classmates even joked that I could smell my toga already lol. 

Not everything in the game is my work. It's the work of 5 artists, me as the programmer, my classmates and peers who continually suggest to add H-scenes, the supportive people of LSF.... and that one site. Anyway, below are some charts summarizing the expenses of Project Delicatessen starting from the first semester of A.Y. 2014-2015 to present.

The total filesize jumped dramatically after I added music. Well I'm yet to eliminate any extra music track... or might retain it for keeps. I'm yet to determine the totalsize of all the raw assets involved in the production of the game. For now there's one DVD-RW drive acting as a backup. I know, one DVD-RW sounds scary. I keep a backup on the cloud too. 

Omake: This blog post was supposed to be published before the poster on the left got completed. The poster on the right features an actual asset, the actual tagline, and the actual heroine, Elisa Augustine. 


P.S. Aside from the standard (Capstone) version 1.0 release. inb4 Director's release.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Project Rothera's First (Actually 5th) Year End Report

Let's just scan over the project's three child projects and that one collaboration.

2046, Kigen no Monogatari (Story of Genesis):
It's still in development hell. No seriously... It's in the deepest level of development hell. Aside from the script and programming, there's no real progress in terms of art assets. 

The current state of the project is:
>Several .docx files of character designs, asset lists, and erratas detailing the changes in the story.
>14 Character design sketches
>A map of Mizuho-Asuka
>An unknown amount of script waiting to be adapted into .rpy

2059, In Delinquency, Discipline, and Disorder:
From hell and back. The first beta will be available as early as January 5, 2014 2100 +8 GMT. Straight from the criticism of three professors and a load of my classmates. It'll probably contain no colored BGs, missing scene-specific music (heck direction problems). I'll have to deal with scenario variations at a later time.

The project is going as designed. Note that the design is made to adhere the "Worse is Better/New Jersey Style." so the first release will be bare.

2096, Crowfield:
Nothing but game mechanics written on an absurd amount of A4's. Actual design of the mecha already exists. The project doesn't even have characters yet. 

2061, Whom to Notice:
It seems the lead writer has decided to convert it into a Light Novel style series? I don't know if he's planning to publish it in wattpad. 

one more thing:
Happy New Year 2015!!!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Delicatessen Update #10

Season's greetings to you all. I mean happy holidays! thought they're the same thing but I'm not really sure about the former.

Project 2059 has finally breached 40,000 words! [celebration momentarily intensifies]

The game contains 5,227 dialogue blocks, containing 40,921 words and 221,028 characters, for an average of 7.8 words and 42 characters per block.
The game contains 31 menus, 424 images, and 52 screens.

Problem is it's day 19 out of 63 days, and I have less than fifteen days to even code it to the end. Seriously. I understand that my research coordinator is adjusting to this first of it's kind project of mine but... ;_; wow 90% completion less than two months before the actual completion schedule as detailed in the gantt chart? 

I don't know how to defend this game if it's incomplete (at least in story) by January 5. What I can certify though, it's that the game is feature complete (I didn't include the story in the feature list). The sub-systems are set, the math is set, the UI is set (well kinda) plus it has been tested. 

Speaking of the testing... It was more like proofreading. The process was incredibly slow. Like we only tackled 3 days out of the 15 already scripted that day? Geez... Well corrections were made since then. (Yes I know this dev blog needs a ton of proofreading too.)

Thank you Xela for correcting my awful code. Now everything displays correctly.

Branching happens at day 19. Yes that's a spoiler. Spoiler aside actual dating doesn't happen until your friendship level with your partner reaches "good friends". After that point you'll either be leaning on being friends, or becoming more than friends.  

Also, the game can practically be converted into a student council simulator. A study will be conducted to determine if it should be included in Project 2072. 

Four more things: 

I'm accepting for volunteer proofreaders to test the upcoming 0.1005J beta build. It will be up by January 6, 2015. Everyone can test it though.;

Project Rothera is looking for a volunteer artist to create the project's logo and mascot character. This task, in relation to everything, is of low priority.

Since the year's ending, I'll be compiling a special year end report regarding all of Project Rothera's derivative/child projects; and 

in Delinquency, Discipline, and Disorder's game page has been updated. An page is in the works and will be up(ped) in time for the first beta release.

And oh:
in Delinquency, Discipline, and Disorder has been an otome dating-sim for a week now. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Delicatessen Update #9

Introducing the last two characters. They're from a different school so....

Yes, you could call them elves.. but in-game they are called sprites as in spirits. There are kinds of sprites, the most common being water sprites. Anyway enough of that. Hehehehe. And wow Yokura really did a good job emulating the previous artist's art style. She did the last characters in this project.

On the school side of Delicatessen.... I am now slated to defend this project for the second to the last time in school. If I pass this phase,I can then move on to the scariest part of them all... the final defense. It's like the last gate/moat worth defending until relief (graduation) comes. 

Problem is the background colorist has been irregular and I fear that he has done barely anything these past four months. I'm yet to clarify things with him... otherwise I'll be force to watercolor the bg's myself.  

System-side the game is feature complete.... or at least the systems are. I was able to test the battle system for the first time:

Still got loads of balancing to do. My thanks to caystar, and reikun for making this possible. 

Also, I finally got the chance to code the extras. Though I fear I might not be able to list all the chapters in the scene library cause this, being a dating -sim, has really short scenes. In fact a lot of them may not be worth being listed in the library. 

Music direction has pretty been a pain in the ass. As of the moment, the game's full of classical piano pieces, and original string pieces. :v I'm yet to use all of them. As you can see in the examples above, I've practically abused Mozart's 25th Symphony. 

One last thing:

Got two of my friends sleeping over tonight. We're going to test and critique this game from hell and back.... or make it stay in hell. 


The game's thread has been updated to reflect all  the changes in the system design... though the game's blog page is yet to be updated. Maybe over the holidays. 

Thanks for reading. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Delicatessen Update #8 + Special Report

It's the end of the month. It means back-up time!
Anyway since I didn't give any statistics update in the previous one, let me insert some here.

First off:
I made a simple graph (like from MS PowerPoint) to illustrate the growth of Project 2059 via the backup sizes. By the way, the file sizes shown here are the sizes when the game/project folder was archived and compressed via 7zip. 

As you can see, there's a drastic size drop instance 0.0529C, that was due in part of removing the old assets, which included background photos, the old sprites, 9 days worth of script, and all the audio present in it. 


The latest Lint yielded the following report:

The game contains 3,753 dialogue blocks, containing 30,099 words and 163,041
characters, for an average of 8.0 words and 43 characters per block.
The game contains 25 menus, 337 images, and 42 screens.
I'm still pretty far from the ominous February 28 release.  Yep, my professor made me adjust the timeline from an April release. With that in mind, I'm considering dropping Erich, and leaving Elisa the one and only main character for in Delinquency, Discipline, and Disorder.


I finally completed coding the mail or should I say parcel system for the game. Also, I decided to re- implement the old map list-navigation while using the new styling. I might redo the actions screen too for the classroom and home actions. 

I need to clean the project. Like purging every unused/deprecated assets and code.