Friday, December 12, 2014

Delicatessen Update #9

Introducing the last two characters. They're from a different school so....

Yes, you could call them elves.. but in-game they are called sprites as in spirits. There are kinds of sprites, the most common being water sprites. Anyway enough of that. Hehehehe. And wow Yokura really did a good job emulating the previous artist's art style. She did the last characters in this project.

On the school side of Delicatessen.... I am now slated to defend this project for the second to the last time in school. If I pass this phase,I can then move on to the scariest part of them all... the final defense. It's like the last gate/moat worth defending until relief (graduation) comes. 

Problem is the background colorist has been irregular and I fear that he has done barely anything these past four months. I'm yet to clarify things with him... otherwise I'll be force to watercolor the bg's myself.  

System-side the game is feature complete.... or at least the systems are. I was able to test the battle system for the first time:

Still got loads of balancing to do. My thanks to caystar, and reikun for making this possible. 

Also, I finally got the chance to code the extras. Though I fear I might not be able to list all the chapters in the scene library cause this, being a dating -sim, has really short scenes. In fact a lot of them may not be worth being listed in the library. 

Music direction has pretty been a pain in the ass. As of the moment, the game's full of classical piano pieces, and original string pieces. :v I'm yet to use all of them. As you can see in the examples above, I've practically abused Mozart's 25th Symphony. 

One last thing:

Got two of my friends sleeping over tonight. We're going to test and critique this game from hell and back.... or make it stay in hell. 


The game's thread has been updated to reflect all  the changes in the system design... though the game's blog page is yet to be updated. Maybe over the holidays. 

Thanks for reading. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Delicatessen Update #8 + Special Report

It's the end of the month. It means back-up time!
Anyway since I didn't give any statistics update in the previous one, let me insert some here.

First off:
I made a simple graph (like from MS PowerPoint) to illustrate the growth of Project 2059 via the backup sizes. By the way, the file sizes shown here are the sizes when the game/project folder was archived and compressed via 7zip. 

As you can see, there's a drastic size drop instance 0.0529C, that was due in part of removing the old assets, which included background photos, the old sprites, 9 days worth of script, and all the audio present in it. 


The latest Lint yielded the following report:

The game contains 3,753 dialogue blocks, containing 30,099 words and 163,041
characters, for an average of 8.0 words and 43 characters per block.
The game contains 25 menus, 337 images, and 42 screens.
I'm still pretty far from the ominous February 28 release.  Yep, my professor made me adjust the timeline from an April release. With that in mind, I'm considering dropping Erich, and leaving Elisa the one and only main character for in Delinquency, Discipline, and Disorder.


I finally completed coding the mail or should I say parcel system for the game. Also, I decided to re- implement the old map list-navigation while using the new styling. I might redo the actions screen too for the classroom and home actions. 

I need to clean the project. Like purging every unused/deprecated assets and code. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Delicatessen Update #7

No progress statistics in this post.

UI changed again. Yep, I'm now using two distinct UI templates.

The other template is the one present in the game's thread. Welp UI elements are entitled a week of review and development as listed in my development methodology. ;_;

Not much has happened in-terms of scripting. I've been busy correcting my thesis journal (a.k.a the academic side of this project). Good news is has already passed Plagiarism Testing and I'm just going to pay a good 8 USD for the print-out.

The war on logo design is still raging and I'm about to surrender and let the specialists (the artists) do it. I've already contacted one and I'm just waiting for funds to build up.

On another front, music has been pretty much a pain in the ass to direct. :v I might as well ask somebody to lay it down for me.

Assets are going smoothly, and will take a break because of the  Thanksgiving celebrations. Might as well join the rest of the staff and take a break.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Delicatessen Update #6 (Yes it's numbered now)

in Delinquency, Discipline, and Disorder is 34% done.

That level of progress is possible by yours truly, the following change in system design:

>I axed the rest of the characters. Leaving only Elisa and Erich available for character selection.
>Yep. Note that 34% doesn't account the still non-existent battle system. 

in the other side of the update, I'm back in school. Hopefully this semester is my last semester.  Work on this project would largely intensify as it's the sole thing keeping me from marching from a stage with a diploma on-hand.

I've just finished correcting my research journal. It should be checked by this Friday. Concurrently, the latest prototype build (0816G) will undergo testing. Testing will be done by my research advisor. He's going to check if I really did meet the designs or strayed from it.

Funny thing is, this game, if completed in my professor's timeframe, could be released early in March. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

R&R: Review and Recommendations

desWell, I did this during my painfully long Rest and Recreation period. It's more like living in a more comfortable, but cramp version of home. ;_;

Here are the review results:

  • Risk Factors by Weight
    • Script
    • Music
    • Minigames & Related Assets
  • Documentation:
    • Literature Review needs more paraphrasing.
    • Definition of terms needs further research, and paraphrasing.
  • Coding/ Direction
    • Triggers not yet decided if point-based, event-based, or a combination of the two.
    • Boolean, or Integers?
    • Recording/NPC stat loader not yet implemented. This one is a top coding priority.
  • Design
    • Not enough dating locations.
    • Characters are not that detailed-out as suspected.
    • Navigation can be polished by using a Legend of Mana-style map navigation. With the standard ADV textbox replacing the NVL segments.
    • Gameplay/style shifts too much.
  • Assets
    • Backgrounds cannot be determined if they do match the coloring style of the sprites.
    • All assets must be done on or before December 31.
  • UI
    • UI must be settled
    • Text Size not so large
    • Text Window too dark?
    • Name Tags are of the same font, and weight as the text.
    • Center text alignment is unusual.
    • The use of icons as buttons should be covered in the tutorial, otherwise if the player doesn't click on them at all, they won't be able to access key figures.
    • Character screen can be compacted even more.

Within three days, I was able to recommend the following actions to myself:

  • Cut Paths
    • Reduce playable characters down to two. 
    • Number of characters is not limited in specific objectives.
    • Number of characters is not limited in scope and limitations.
    • Decision can be defended by the framework used by the project.
  • Change/Suggest limiting character selection in the scope and limitation.
  • Perform required paraphrasing on the documentation.
  • Determine Community Standards
    • Word Count
    • Routes
    • Usual Genre
    • Preference
    • UI trends
  • Settle for a framework compatible UI, and gameplay design.
More news on this development once I can discuss the recommendations with my advisers. 

Sometimes, an undergraduate will forget the contents of his thesis, or in IT context, the design of his program. He should take time to read it back, and review if the program he is developing is inline with his proposed/approved design, or has it deviated from it all together.

You don't want the panel to fry you open over your finished product, right?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Delicatessen Monthly Update

Okay let's get right to the numbers.

in Delinquency, Discipline, and Disorder is 18 percent done.  That's not even accounting for music/sound direction. 18% in 3 semesters?  Wow that's so slow. Yes, if I continue with this pace, development is going to run for another 13 semesters.

BUT NO. I'M GOING TO UP THE ANTE. I WILL MAKE SURE THE MASTER VERSION GETS DEFENDED BY MARCH, and finally release the full game by April 22, 2015.

As usual I'm always wrestling with the damn UI design. I feel so insecure about it, might as well ask somebody to do it instead.

Another thing is... I'm going away for a while... like one whole week. Wow that's seems to be forever. Yes, a week is forever when you spend it in a city you'd hate watching everyday for being such a whiny bastard.

Rants aside, I'll take this hopefully quiet time to review if I did meet the objectives, and did not stray away from the scopes and limitations of the project.

Last thing... I've added a paypal donation button at the right-hand side. I'll try to lobby more funding from my sponsors relatives. Hey, it's almost Christmas season, the wonderful time of the year where you can ask cash from your relatives, and even your godparents.

 One really last thing.... Can I have someone who could review my project with me? Hahahaha

Happy Birthday to Elly.

Monday, September 29, 2014

of Stat Woes, Flawed Formulas, and Redesigns (An Update)

I wasn't confident with the formulas shipped with the pre-alpha demo. It wasn't balanced. Currently, I'm working with a formula designated 9A.Edit 2 10C Edit 1. Well it looks like it's just going to be a diluted version of all it's predecessors. By the powers vested in linear functions, I dub thy values predictable.

In previous versions, stats can go more than 400 points by the 5th day. Which is rather woah. It is worth mentioning that this game spans at least 60 days so if you're gaining an average oh wait the formulas weren't linear.

right now, 9.29.2014:
>Code's pretty optimized at this point. If there's any new addition, it would be catastrophic.
>Design and implementation of new profile, selection screens prototype
>A messaging system. Part of the individual character stories can be read in the letters they receive from their families.
>A ready to implement notification system in-case testers comment that accessing the profile screen to see how much stat they gained is a hassle.
>New design sketches for Cerise, and Fleur.

And these tasks/updates aren't even part of the SCRUM logs yet. If I had a software engineer, he'd probably kill me by now.


Gonna apply styling on this screen asap. Background art in the example portrait is from
Uncle Mugen (get well soon, dearest uncle).