Saturday, July 12, 2014

Project Rothera is Recruiting Artists.

Yep, you read that right (or read that already). I forgot to post this here so just let me XD.

Recruitment Thread / Details

To cut it short, I'm looking for a sprite artist, and a background colorist. These commissions will be paid accordingly as long as there's not budget overlaps. I should mention too that I've already scouted a few artists and have compiled/compared their prices for reference ;_;. I'll probably contact them next week if there are no takers in the thread.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Delicatessen Monthly Update

Hi guys, curry here again for another text update.

The project is bogged down by management issues... by management I mean .... no seriously I mean management. :v

this month's issues are:
>sprites are not in production (again)
>budget constraints (oh yes, this)
>my inability to pull myself together
>>a slump in writing (was only able to finish 2 days last month)
>a lot of recoding to do following a routing innovation (dunno how many times I already did this)

progress as follows:
>no, there's nothing much to report

things to anticipate/deliverable:
>Fleurette and Cerise's OC (though it seems impossible at this point, gonna wait until 15 before scratching the order for good)
>Lineart of BG's (ready for coloring)

things to do to get back on schedule:
>commission a sprite artist
>commission background colorist
>raise the corresponding 250 USD budget for those 2 commissions
>find a co-writer (unpaid, but then ughhh)

I'm not exactly looking for those people right now. Oddly enough, I'm looking for a free OC artist to do the designs of 3 characters (any volunteers? PM me at the forums, or comment here.).

Anyway I already compiled the list of "what to do" if the commissions do take place. I also prepared a rather strict and comprehensive criteria for any takers.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Delicatessen, and KigenMono Monthly Updates

June has come, and I was caught right handed. I was supposed to be UBER busy with enrollment and subsequent classes but then as an irregular college senior, I have both the luxury and handicap of having no subjects offered. :v lol I'm supposed to be on my last 9 units.

Anyway for the updates:

Project 2046: Kigen no Monogatari  
>Production Plan is finished, and spans 3 Junes from this 2014, to 2016
>Character Description/Story/Palettes have all been redesigned
>Setting has been redesigned too.
>(RE)Scripting work is being done on the first 2 days.
>Scenario has been expanded from the planned 4 days, to a week and beyond.
>Costume/Sprite/Background is being subjected to thorough review.
>Kanji and stuff have been studied.

Project 2059: in Delinquency, Discipline, and Disorder
>Work on the clothing has been stalled due to immediate funding issues.
>First 2 days of Elisa, and Stefania main route scenario have been coded.
>Project will be in hiatus for now since June is KigenMono month.
>Alpha will always be delayed

General Situation Report:
>Looking for a full-time job for this semester. (backers backers everywhere)
>I'll be back to school by October
>I don't know what my daily schedule would be like, or where I would be even working, or how much I'll be earning. Heck most of the proceeds will go to project funding, and tuition fees anyway.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

nights of project related sketches

Sorry for the eye cancer but I wanted to document this.

This is a kigen no monogatari related post btw.  So in the span of 4 days I have completed rewriting the character profiles, creating the character pallets, creating a project production plan, even helping create the hairstyles.  
;_; welp  I'm pretty much hyped out. 
Anyway, the "nights of project related sketches" is some sort of documentary series about how I, a none-artists have to deal with some required input for the artists to start working. ~ welp I usually just text/type things out in long but detailed descriptions, but as the saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words". 
previous nights " of project related sketches" output:
the more recent "night of project related clothing" involving
KigenMono's school uniform.

this was the first "night of project related clothing".

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

of wasted space, UI woes, and thesis checks.

Profile Screens

Notes, and Skills Screens

I think I have reached a  "plateau" level of wanting to improve the UI. I mean it's been a terrible experience for me... but then I  think I'm already contend with this color/layout.  But despite things leveling out, I have actually forgotten to account the glorious wasted space present in the skills screen. 

On the previous designs, the skill screen include the main char's stats, damage calculations (which didn't match up with the damage values seen in the battle engine), and the skill description. I plan on adding skill screenshots to fill that white void, and maybe a "history" about the skill. 

Later this day, this project's features will be checked by my thesis adviser. Hopefully she could give me a few insights/suggestions about it. But that shouldn't stop you guys from giving me suggestions, and criticisms about the gui, and the game in general. Comments can be submitted in this post, the project's page, and the game's lemmasoft thread.

Also in consideration is the addition of a personal notes screen. This screen would look like the screens presented above but will present reports about events such as dates, certain world events such as the nuit blanche, the midwinter festival, and about certain things in the game world. But I think the profile screen could handle that by itself. 

 ;_; Thanks for reading. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

I think I went a bit too far. + KigenMono update

I swear to God, if anyone will review this game, the GUI's going to be the first one to suck.
No seriously I went metro lol. As some of you may have read, UI design has been a continuous struggle for me. Enough of a struggle for me to jug around designs from time to time. Anyway this happened because one of my friends made a metro-ish UI suggestion to me. Welp so I went ahead and coded it... though not really to his specifications but rather, taken directly from Win 8.

Well I'm thinking of using the same color scheme as the system menus but retaining the white background. I am also considering adding icons of sorts, character portraits/pictures perhaps ( of their dates?)
Anyway, for the Kigen no Monogatari update:

Break has come for much of the staff. Work will resume by June. A general plan to ensure constant, but slow production is in the works. Such a plan would span a year or two.

Well it's almost four full years since Kigen no Monogatari (then known as From Antarctica with Love) was first posted in the WIP (now ideas section) of the Lemmasoft Forums.  I doubt we can whip up a special treat to commemorate such occasion (which isn't that special imho) but for me, it's been a long run... several staff have come and go... but the game never even had a single sprite to it's name.

Monday, May 5, 2014

P2059 Progress Report.

Okay, we're now into the 9th? or 10th month since this project became my thesis. Anyway here's a rather short progress report. 0212C means (2 months have passed, date of build (12), C means the month when a build was compiled (C here means April). A lot of things have happened since the first build last January.... for certain the UI issue has eaten a lot of my time (aside from procrastinating). I didn't even follow my scrum sprints. I can't even say for certain when's the final build would be... since I'm not even sure if I'm graduating this October or March the following year. Though that mainly depends on me finishing the codes and stuff, and not messing up.