Thursday, March 26, 2015

Applied Science: Delicatessen Update 19

So this study (or game) won the 1st place for the Applied Science Category (Poster) and 3rd place for the Applied Science Category (Oral Presentation) of my university's 2nd Intercollegiate Research Competition.  I guess this finally culminates the academic (or research) side of in Delinquency, Discipline and Disorder.

This time, the panel suggested testing/surveying about the users' interaction/experience with the program. Work on that will start later or  the day after tomorrow.

I'm rather humbled about this. This game... or study shouldn't really stand out than how it actually does. Every time people ask me about my research title, I always feel reluctant to answer.

The beta for Angelo's route is still available at

Graduation day is tomorrow. The dokidoki is real.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Delicatessen Update 18

Rewriting some of the scenes from the first week to introduce the underclassmen to the characters.  I also implemented color-specific name tags for every character... since there's been quite a clamor for it. I was trying to avoid the color-coding trope but nope.. I can't avoid it.  Next changes to be implemented would be the quick menu. I'm planning to change them back to icons to facilitate better control in the upcoming android port. 

Aside from the changes above. A slight change in game mechanic would be next in the list. This involves getting reputation points from "circles" a.k.a the clubs. Reputation might totally replace Charisma if it proves redundant.  Finally, work on Mike's route would start in May... 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

10K Views Special Update: Whom to Notice Recap

The road to 10,000 views took almost 5 years. ;_; I'm thankful to all the visitors and readers who took time, and those who will continue to do so reading this devblog's content. To the collaborators and staff who joined and contributed to the development of this project's games. And finally, to the people of LSF.
 I know 10K  is an irrelevant number compared to larger circles/projects but hey~  This devblog lasted long enough to reach this point.
Lasted 5 years without releasing a single game. 
A year ago, me and what is now circle Cosine wanted to make a game based on the "senpai please notice me" hype/fad/whatever during that time period.  We planned it as early as January 2014... then hell week broke lose since we were all students back then... The result? We never finished it within 2014's NaNo. However, we were able to dish out a small text demo, complete with backgrounds and music(?) all in glorious 3:4 aspect ratio!
The premise might prove cringe-worthy to some readers though. I know you already had enough of the high school setting but... never mind, let's just respect each other's views.
Below are the main characters of the VN, from left to right: Arata Kaji, Akane Sasusora, and Luna Primrose.  
Cutting directly from the LSF thread:

Arata Kaji: One of the honour students of the school, he doesn’t seem to be proactive and smart at first glance. He became the club president of Literature Club when his senpai, Gertrud passed him her Club Presidency through force. Although he sometimes seems to be indecisive, he is a dependable person when he needed to be. He doesn’t recall his childhood past aside from his connections to England and his childhood friends Luna and Marie, although not that accurate enough.

Akane Sasusora: A somewhat petite girl that wears glasses and also a closet fujoshi. An energetic and fun kind of girl but has only a few friends. She admires Senpai (Protagonist) because of him being the smart, active, kind, handsome senpai in her eyes. A member of the Literature Club who joined in the first semester. She likes coffee over tea. She is also part of the Track & Field team.

Luna Primrose: Half-Foreigner childhood friend who came back from England, United Kingdom. A cheeky type of Onee-san. She is the “senpai" of their Childhood days. She’ll join the Literature club to help Arata's problems to counter the club’s disbandment. She likes tea over coffee. She is good at Japanese but she once messed up her name application by directly translating her English name to Japanese, so she ended up using the name Yuzuki Sakurasou.

Speaking of which, today is also Yuzuki's birthday. Happy Birthday, senpai!
Meanwhile in real life:
The pile of paper Ayase's standing in is every journal printed since the start of Delicatessen's lifecycle as a capstone project. There's more or less 31 journals of varying sizes in there. Printing all of those would put the total value far beyond that figure's price tag. 

Things are getting critical again with the announcement that I'm supposed to defend, again for the third (hopefully last time) my capstone project,  in Delinquency, Discipline, and Disorder  (which my college considers a research/thesis) in front of an external panel. Basically I'm representing the college in this "research" competition.

Geez just when I wanted to lay low. It seems this project has brought me a great deal of unwanted attention. @.@ Time to pull out another string of all-nighters to prepare for this new task.

NaNo's almost halfway done. I hope everyone's projects will bode well.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hah?: Delicatessen Update 17

Okay, got my journal edited and correct for the last time. Time to print 5 copies of it.
It's a good 99 pages short though.

The road to graduation is getting clearer and clearer, with just one subject left to deal with... Cisco Networking.

School aside... Project Rothera is... looking for a collaborating CG artist. Who wouldn't mind working for free. This is a one-shot request aimed at fulfilling  a requirement for Delicatessen's CD cover. I'll try sending a hardcopy of the game itself as compensation.

Interested parties can use the contact form or comment in this LSF thread.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

We Standardizing Yet?

Here at Project Rothera, we take pride in the Standard Operating Procedures we have developed over the years.

No seriously... The standard things we follow here would be:

  • A4 sized paper for every printable document
  • All projects should use one unified format for character sheets
  • All project proposals should use that one unified format
  • All projects should follow that one format for asset listing
  • All projects should have a primer.... in the same format as *********
  • Gantt Charts for active projects

Heck there's at least 3 forms formulated since the start of Project Rothera. That would be the above mentioned Character Sheet, Assets List, Project Primer, and Project Proposal.

I am currently in the midst of updating the aforementioned forms cause maaaan... the times are changing. Below is the latest iteration of the character profile. Not much has changed since the last version as used in Delicatessen... but compared with the version used in the early days of KigenMono... it's a far cry. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Pronouns: Delicatessen Update 16

Okay, thing is my research journal was sent to the editor two days ago. I just got it back. The correction that got me was to change all "he" to "she" since the game is a GxB after all. 

Anyway I reopened the page because of some unforeseen circumstances. A Gamejolt page is in the works and will be opened once the "demo" version comes out.

Work on the school side of delicatessen will continue until March 27. A.k.a Graduation Day. 


My friend's rendition of Elisa Augustine. This is clearly done in her own personal art style. This is part of a recent commission for Project Rothera's 6th anniversary. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Suspending Operations

The final hell weeks on the road to unemployment have started. Work in all main projects and collaborations will be halted till April 20? Ayyy...

As previously announced; in Delinquency, Discipline, and Disorder's Itch.IO page has been set to private... a.k.a closed. If you have an account, feel free to follow Project Rothera. If you have any business with the project, please do use the contact form.

Finally, I wish good luck to the following groups of people:
>Graduating Students (who are soon to be officially unemployed).
>Undergraduates who will have their finals this month
>NaNoRenO 2015 Participants